The Park

MUNDO AMAZÓNICO® is a family project that began as a conservation and a reforesting process of previous eroded soil from the creation of cattle farm fields in the Colombian Amazon.
Photo: Camilo Rozo - The Founders: Ana Maria Pardo, Milena Mayorga, Rafael Clavijo
This process turned into the biggest collection of life plants around town; in 2009 the project included touristic elements to make itself economically sustainable. It opened during 2010 and today it has national and international awards such us:
A year after it opened, in 2011 the park won the first place in the national competition ¨Ventures Awards¨ at the category for Best Sustainable Use of Biodiversity. In 2012 the park creates the ¨Amazon Tea¨ project, involving small local producers from the indigenous communities, and won the Green Business Award. Then after, in 2013, 2014 and 2015 Mundo Amazonico® park receives the certificate of excellence from More recently in 2014 Mundo Amazonico® entered to the Colombian National Portfolio of Sustainable Products and Services ¨PTP¨. In 2015 the park was nominated at the ¨BIBO¨ conservation award in Colombia. 

These awards and recognitions encourage the founders Ana Maria Pardo, Milena Mayorga and Rafael Clavijo (from left to right) to keep on working on conservation and environmental education in the Colombian Amazon. By working on eco-tourism, the park develops fair trade projects, and sustainable usage of natural resources in the Amazon rainforest; creating social and economical benefits to the local and indigenous comunities.


Our main objective at Mundo Amazonico is to “Learn, and not forget” about the diversity in the Amazon. We want people to learn about the Amazon cultures, endemic species  and uses of the plants in our ethnobotanical gardens, while remembering that we are losing nature to deforesting and pollution. We want to stop this loss through learning.

Furthermore, Mundo Amazonico provides a place for the advancement of science, conservation, and technology by allowing research to be done on the many species found in the Amazon.
The park is the first and only center of environmental education combined with tourism in Leticia. We hope that the park is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Mundo Amazonico also has a teaching and educational component, as we want to share our philosophy of conservation with all our visitors, and let them know how important it is they do their part to help the environment.
Photo of the Bio-construction using eco-bricks (MRS) en Mundo Amazonico
Because we have one of the largest collections of native, tropical plants, Mundo Amazonico has become an important place for environmental education and training. We want to share this information with all our visitors, the knowledge of conserving of Amazonian biodiversity. We promote the healthy relationship of man with nature through lectures, seminars, workshops, walks, waste management techniques, and other activities that we can host and develop at the park.
Magazine In-Lan  - Amazon Adventure, July 2012 Author, Sebastian Velez
In Leticia, southern Colombia, is Mundo Amazonico park, a natural spot that offers all the riches and secrets of the jungle.

There aren´t many ways to get into the thick of the jungle for two days and Discover the secrets of the Amazon. Sure, that would be ideal, but it would require time, money, and great physical effort. 

But, just 15 minutes outsider of the historic rural town of Leticia, on the southern tip of Colombia you can live a fascinating experience en the Mundo Amazonico park.
“It is like going to the jungle, but 15 minutes from the city,” says Rafael Clavijo, a 36 year old Colombian publicista who abandoned a promising career in Australia to fully realize an idea that had been in his head for a long time, an ecological park that would serve to restore the ecosistema of the region and foster tourism, all focused on the natural and cultural wealth of the Amazon, the land where...MORE

I am writing to alert you that, in order to make an extensive recognition and congratulations on behalf of the  Group of Planning and Sustainable Development of Tourism, Deputy Minister of Tourism for achieving first place in the National Competition of Entrepreneurship Ventures 2011.  
For you and your team it should be very flattering that Mundo Amazonico Thematic and Ecological Park is recognized nationally and internationally because of your work at becoming a new Eco-Tourist destination for the Department of the Amazonas, which boasts who beautiful our region is.
See the complete document from the Vice Minister of Tourism
Aires magazine, Aires - Connection - The magazine for travelers Aires - April 2011, Edition: “Indomitable Leticia”

Located in the south of Colombia, Leticia is populated by several indigenous communities, among which are the Ticunas, Huitotos, and Tucanos. With a population of about 38,000 people, the city has a variety of areas and nature reserves where tourists can visit during their stay.

With a great educational and teaching component and a philosophy of environmental conservation, this Botanical Garden covers everthing from path ecotherpy to the cultural scene. Amazon World Theme Park allows tourists to see everything you want to see in the jungle in a safe and controlled environment for any family member.
The route, which is through a guided tour consists of four circuits or main routes, which include edible fruits and aromatic drinks. The trip has an average duration of four hours, during which you go through each circuit which takes about an hour. In each circuit are few breaks.
Among the additional Activities visitors can do is birdwatching, yoga therapies, eco-spa, and buying souvenirs.
The more adventurous can take advantage of the area and stay overnight, camping closer to the jungle. The park is 15 minutes from the center of Leticia and is open from Monday to Saturday at 8am and on Sundays with reservations.
Sustainability Policy
Amazon World Ecological Park “Mundo Amazónico” is a family business and a natural reservation that was created with the purpose of integrating to the tourism offer a relevant and innovative service that makes sustainable use of native biological resources of the Amazon and care for the environment.

As an operating agency, we are working under the principles of bio-trade and green businesses; that is why in all our activities we ensure:

·       To include vulnerable populations
·       To ensure the conservation and respect of cultural heritage
·       Involve local communities in the value chain
·       To be protective agents for children and adolescents from all forms of sexual and commercial exploitation
·       Not to generate or promote work with children
·       Continuously improve to achieve full satisfaction of our clients
·       Comply with the legal requirements that apply to us
·       To create spaces conducive to environmental and cultural education to our clients from learning environments for promotion, conservation and protection.
·       To support local communities to generate sense of belonging and new businesses.
·       We work to become a business model that it is recognized nationally and internationally for his contribution to the sustainability of the region.

We are committed to the care of the environment and the preservation of the Amazon. Through this initiative of ecotourism, we develop good practices of bio-commerce, making sustainable use of native biological resources. Showing strategies and productive activities that promote the sustainable use of natural resources in the Colombian Amazon region; generating economic and social benefits to local and indigenous communities.