Mundo Amazonico has a phliosophy which includes environmental education, sustainable Management of natural Amazonian resources, and social rehablitation of the area. We are very active in the communtiy of Leticia as well as the rainforest. (CSR*)

The park has been developing a series of projects to support local communities in Leticia, Amazonas.
Currently we have multiple programs that we think our guests should know about:

Mundo Amazonico® Park supports the children's home La Aljaba. We invite you to learn more about this important work being done with children in vulnerable situations and in poverty in the city of Leticia .

Through logistic actions, Mundo Amazonico Park is helping with ANCHOR´s difficult task of bringing clean water to over 1,200 underprivileged children. ANCHOR Foundation also builds schools in indigenous communities in the Amazon.

The Network of Friends of Wildlife is a legal concept that allows those working with Corpoamazonia to rehabilitate animals so they can lead their lives with proper health and nutrition. The network was designed and is protected by Colombian standards, so that the animals in rehablitation, returned to the wild, or being taken care of voluntarily by their captors or holders continue to live in prosperity and in healthy conditions.

There are possibilities of research projects that strengthen our Park in the following fields: ecology, biology, wildlife conservation, environmental science, appropriate technology, environmental interpretation, ordering, planning and sustainable tourism.
For more information please send your request with your personal information, field or protect of interest.

If you want to contact us to learn more about our programs or if you would like to help or be included in them, please contact us at:

*World Business Council for Sustainable Development (2000) defines Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE) as when a company decides to contribute to sustainablie development, working with their employes, the families and the local community as well as society as a whole, to improve the quality of life.