Mundo Amazonico Park has four guided tour routes.

Approximate duration of visit: 3 hours
Each route takes about 45 minutes and have short breaks between them. The duration of the varies depending on whether the guest would like lunch or to do some of the other activities in the park. The routes are:

Ethno Botanical Center

1. BOTANIC GARDEN: You will know a great collection of Amazon plants, throughout ecological trails your senses will get in contact with nature inside the park. There are teaching displays and native guides from the local indigenous communities, helping you to understand the botanic from the Amazon. Amongst the trails and collections find medicinal plants such us Coca, Yage, Barbasco and Sangregrado.  This route focuses on the observation and conservation of the major flora of the Amazon. Here, you can learn about the World of Amazon plants, in a safe and peaceful environment. You wil Discover the many uses of aromatic and medicinal plants, fruites, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, and much more.

Sustainable Projects

2. THE AMAZON TEA HOUSE: Around here you will feel nature at its best. Everyone will have the chance to drink a sample of the Amazon Tea produced locally at the park, getting to know the native leaves and fruits such us Copoazú, Araza, Açaí and Aguaje, used in sustainable projects. Small local producers and indigenous families nearby the park are making different products from these native ingredients.  This tour will allow you to discover the many ways Mundo Amazonico is trying to help the indginous become self sustaining. You will learn about our environmentally savvy products and the fruits that help the native people survive.

Interactive Cultural Scenarios

3. TRADITIONAL GAMES: Come and learn how to play traditional games such us bow & arrow and blow piping. It is an interactive and very fun activity. You will also be able to share traditional knowledge with our native guides, get to know about their live style, myths, tradition, knowledge and culture.  Enjoy an interactive, fun and unforgettable experince in which you will learn about the cultures who live in the Amazon.

Aquarium Amazonas

4. AQUARIUM: This place holds the first collection of life fish from the Amazon that was open for environmental education at the Amazon in Colombia. It has over 30 species of small and native monsters from the rivers, lakes and creeks from the Amazon. Get up close and personal with the Piraña, Macana, Carahuasu and many more.  Nature and Environmental Education.  The Amazon is globally recognized for having so many differnet specics of fish. The Aquarium Amazonas is the first and only center that offers the observation of exotic fish in the Amazon. Come to Discovery a new world!

   Jungle Trip Trails

5. JUNGLE TRIPS: Enjoy nature and the jungle from this fascinating tropical rainforest. Mundo Amazonico® Park has a natural reserve where you can do hiking inside the forest from half an hour until two hours, living the Amazon on its original stage: Almighty, hot, colourful and humid.

Enjoy a delicious traditional lunch, with natives ingredients, and natural juice. 100% organic, natural and Amazonian. 
Other Activities: 

  • Birdwatching, 
  • Entomology, 
  • Nocturnal Activities 
  • Camping (Equipment rental is an additional cost)
  • Talk with Hitoma Cacique (Indian Community Uitoto-Muinane)
  • Lunches (with reservation)