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Here we have some answers to some frequently asked questions:

1.  Where is Mundo Amazonico Park?
Mundo Amazonico ® is just 15 minutes from Leticia on the Leticia – Tarapaca road.

2. What do you do in the park?
Amazon ® World Park has guided tours through 4 routes. Includes a
 taste of aromatic tea and environmental information. See the Activities page for more details.

3. How long is the visit?
Total duration of the visit can be from 45 minutes to 4 hours

The duration of the visit has an average of 2.5 hours , but it depends on other activities you may want to do. You can choose to do one of the four routes of the park, two or all four.

4. What other activities can be done ?
- CAMPING ( Additional Cost )
- picnics

5. What happens if it rains?
We still operate in rain but suggest the use waterproof boots and ponchos. We provide ponchos free and rent waterproof boots for only $ 1 a pair.

6. How to get to Mundo Amazonico?
The following is a list of options to get to the park. The prices are as of 2012:

a. Taxi : It costs $ 20,000 pesos or about 11 USD, has a quota of 4 passengers, and comes to the door of the Park.

b . Moto- Taxi : It costs $ 5,000 pesos or about 3 USD, has room for 1 passenger, comes to the door of the Park.

c . Public bus : The passage costs $ 1,900 or about 1 USD, and reaches the km 7. passengers must walk 700 meters to the park gate. Buses travel ever 20 minutes.

7. What is there to do in Leticia?
Here are some ideas for other activities you can do in Leticia :
- See the arrival of the parakeets in Santander park every evening (5pm )
- Enjoy the landscapes, sightseeing,  and sunset on the Amazon River
- Enjoy typical meals ( breakfast with broth of the " cucha " , farina , casabe , arapaima , mojojoi , beiju , etc. . )
- Visit the plaza of friendship in the border between Brazil and Colombia
- Enjoy a walk along the boardwalk
- Go to the lakes and do the Yahurcaca Kayak activity
- Go to Mundo Amazonico ® Ecological Park
- Go to kilometer 8 lake to cool off and swim
- Visit indigenous communities at kilometer 11
- Visit the Floating Raft to have lunch on the Amazon
- Make Canopy
- Visit the Museum of Amazonian Man in the Library Bank of the Republic

Rafael Clavijo
General Manager

Ana Maria Pardo
Project Manager

Tel: (+8) 592 6087

Cel: 312 3614 606
Cel: 321 472 4346