Mundo Amazonico Online: Now in English

As part of our goal to help the community as a whole, Mundo Amazonico has accepted students to learn about the Amazon rainforest here at Mundo Amazonico. We currently have two students, one is a student from the University of Colombia in Bogota who is helping us develop a type of soap made only using natural chemicals found here in the rainforest. This project is part of our Sustainable Processes as we hope we can involve some of the indigenous families in the production of the soap. This will allow them to create an income while still helping the environment.

The other student is from the University of Alabama in the United States. He is here learning everything he can about our projects, the uses of plants, and how to help the environment as a whole. Moreover, he is expanding our customer pool by allowing us to deliver our services in English! He has learned the tour routes in English and is the one translating most of our web services. He is the main reason we now have a more expanded English website.

We hope both students enjoy their time with us and learn as much as they can. Furthermore, we hope you benefit from their work and come visit to see what they are doing!